Friday, October 07, 2005

Guns, Cars, Ladders and Draino

In the security business you often have to look at the types of risks you face and then matrix them against the likelihood of them happening. And you should do the same thing with your personal self-defense program.

It seems to be human nature to prepare for the worst -- things that go bump in the night -- and virtually ignore the things that threaten us on a daily basis.

Fire, motor vehicles, bathtubs, ladders and the chemicals in your cupboard pose some of the most common, and plentiful, risks you face. But, because they are common and familiar, we tend to perhaps not give them the respect they deserve in our personal risk assessment.

For example, car crashes, falls and poisoning account for 72% of deadly accidents, while firearms only account for less than one percent. Okay, so you probably (and should) handle your firearm with more care than that bottle of Draino. But, the point is don't get complacent around the common items and events that can -- and usually do -- kill you.

Stay safe:

1. Buckle your seat belt when you drive. Always.
2. Never drink and drive.
3. Have smoke detectors and working fire extinguishers in your home.
4. Watch kids around the bath and in the pool.
5. Secure chemicals and power tools.
6. Get first aid and emergency medical training.
7. Never take or mix medications without your doctor's orders.


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