Monday, March 13, 2006

Imette Lured to Her Death with Ride Offer?

According to a witness who was sleeping in a park across the street from The Falls in SoHo, Imette St. Guillen was lured to her brutal rape and murder with the comforting words, "Don't worry, I'll take you home."

Allegedly that’s what suspect Darryl Littlejohn said to Imette when he led her out of the bar and into his blue van. Littlejohn was a bouncer at the bar.
Miguel Angel Cruz said, "He was saying, 'Don't worry, I'll take you home.' He put her in the van in the front seat and they left. She left like he was giving her a ride."

St. Guillen was raped and strangled, her body was found 17 hours later wrapped in a blanket and dumped in Brooklyn.

Some of the details of her condition are chilling – both her hands and feet had been bound. A sock was stuffed in her mouth and packing tape wrapped around her head. It is probable that the packing tape held a towel or some other cloth that was wrapped around Imette’s head.

Imagine the complete and utter terror that this poor person endured at the hands of her attacker – bound and tortured, struggling to breathe with a sock in her mouth. The torture probably lasted for a quite a while before the attacker finally snuffed out her life by slowly strangling her to death.

Imette, a 24-year-old graduate student, was reportedly severely intoxicated and out at the bar by herself at 4 a.m.

This was clearly a case where Imette should have “stayed with people” to ensure her safety. Don’t go to a place where there is privacy for an attacker. Stay with people and the relative safety they bring. Another aspect that has not come out was that perhaps Imette's drink could have been spiked with a "date rape" drug, many which are commonly available which would have explained her extreme intoxication.


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