Monday, October 09, 2006

Police and Security DT DVD Online

Now you can get the same new ground control curriculum that is being included for law enforcement officers in New York State. It includes techniques that are starting to be taught at the most elite law enforcement agencies in the nation. The Less Than Lethal Police Defensive Tactics program is a highly effective defensive tactics program which allows cops and security personnel to safely control the most combative of suspects.

The course addresses an undeniable fact: the vast majority of struggles with violent criminal suspects end up on the ground.The Los Angeles Police Department has found that in nearly two-thirds of use-of-force incidents both the officer and suspect ended up on the ground. The study also found that when an officer employed techniques that were not effective or it lasted a long time or was violent, the fight was more likely to move to the ground.

Your instructor is Sgt. Steve Kardian, a 25-year police veteran. He is a senior defensive tactics instructor at the Westchester Police Academy as well as a certified New York State/FBI defensive tactics instructor. He is currently working on a committee with the Office of Public Safety, Division of Criminal Justice, for the State of New York to evaluate and submit changes in the way recruits and Defensive Tactics Instructors across the State of New York are trained and taught.

If you work in any area of public safety or where you need to defend yourself and safely control the subject, this is a valuable addition to your library.

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