Friday, December 15, 2006

Are you practicing close enough?

According to Randy Hamrick, FBI statistics show us that 50% of officers killed by gunfire are within five feet of the suspect, 25% are within 10 feet and another 15% are within 20 feet.

You will hear knowledgeable instructors referring to the majority of gunfights occurring in “the hole” – a reference to the space up to two outstretched arms between the two opponents. This equates to the distance of your outstretched arm and his outstretched arm.

With almost all shootings happening at 7 yards or less, why are we practicing shooting at targets 25 yards away?

The same can be said for hand-to-hand (H2H) confrontations. According to the Department of Justice, 72% of all assaults begin with a grab or a shove. This means you are within one arm's length (his) at the beginning of the attack.

If we truly believe that you will fight like you train, shouldn't we be training at the most realistic distances?


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