Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Victims had chance at attacker's gun

During the trial of Mark Goudeau, known as the "Baseline Killer, " testimony from two of his victims revealed that they both had opportunities to turn the tables on him with his own gun.

The sisters were walking home from a park when they were suddently confronted by a man wielding a gun. He took them into the bushes and assaulted them. The sisters recounted how the attacker made them remove their clothes and then get on the ground where he took turns attacking them repeatedly.

As one of the victims was being raped she said, "He told me not to open my eyes, but I did. And I looked toward the wall and saw the gun was there. I grabbed it."

During the attacks both of the sisters wrestled with the with the attacker over the gun, each of them getting it at some point.

Unfortunately, the attacker retreived the handgun each time and continued his attack.

Mark Goudeau, 42, is on trial facing 19 counts of sexual assault, sexual abuse, kidnapping and aggravated assault stemming from this attack which happened in September 2005.

Goudeau is facing 74 additional counts, including nine murders.