Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lessons from Meredith Emerson's Murder

The savage and depraved murder of Meredith Emerson by Gary Hilton (see the whole story in the post below) in Georgia offers dramatic lessons for the rest of us.

First and foremost, Meredith's immediate and committed resistance almost allowed her to escape. The killer said she would not stop fighting and her continual resistance almost got the better of him.

Some important items to note:

  • Hilton targeted Meredith "because she was a woman". If you are female, you are at risk.
  • Meredith was hiking with her dog. While it's recommended that you hike or run with a dog, don't count on one for protection from an attack.
  • Hilton has done this before. He is also under indictment for a similar murder in Florida.
  • Hilton was armed with military-style knife and a baton. You should be trained and prepared to face an armed attacker.
  • Hilton told investigators. "She wouldn't stop fighting. And yelling at the same time. So I needed to both control her and silence her." This is the bad guy's prime goal at the time of attack.
  • Hilton initially controlled Meredith by repeatedly punching her in the face. If you Fight Like a Girl, you'll learn to protect your head while being able to attack his weakest spots with your strongest weapons.
  • Unfortunately, she allowed herself to be tied to a tree where Hilton eventually beat her to death with a tire iron and then decapitated her. Don't let your attacker take you somewhere or to tie you up, no matter what he promises. It's a bargain you're going to regret.
  • Hilton said he could not bring himself to kill Meredith's dog. But, he could "bring" himself to kill an innocent 24-year old woman. How can you attempt to reason with this type of deranged behavior? Don't count on being able to "talk your way out" of an attack.

Don't let Meredith's fight for her life be in vain. Learn from her situation. Get training in a realistic self-defense method.

RIP Meredith Emerson.


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