Monday, August 29, 2005

“Crime Tax” Costs You $400 Per Year

Criminals who shoplift are costing your family $400 per year to replace those stolen goods.

A new study from the University of Florida shows some interesting items on shoplifting in America:

 Men shoplift more than women, a finding that disputes the common rule of thumb that, because there are more female shoppers than male shoppers, women shoplift more than men. "Many of them hit the film, pain relievers or batteries, steal them in large quantities and sell them, using shoplifting as a way to feed their drug habit," says criminologist Richard Hollinger.
 Overall, 8 percent of the shoppers who enter a store will steal something, with people who leave a store without paying for anything six times more likely to have stolen something than shoppers who go through the check-out line.
 The typical shoplifter falls between the ages of 35 and 54, usually has gainful employment, and is categorized as a "primary household shopper" who occasionally shoplifts merchandise that extends beyond their household budget.
 In terms of race, whites, blacks, and Hispanics are equally likely to shoplift.
 Family shoplifters use children as "distraction teams" to distract the sales clerk while the parents shoplift.

If you are hacked off about the cost to you as a decent, law-abiding citizen from thieves, wait until you read the post below…


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