Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Heed Self-Defense Fundamentals, Please

In one major U.S. metropolitan area, there is a serial rapist loose who has definitely committed at least 9 rapes and possibly an undisclosed number of others in the last 6 months.

He stalks his victims. He selects a certain type of young woman who he knows to be single and makes sure they are alone before he attacks. And he attacks them in their home or apartment.

In every single case, he has gotten in through an unlocked door or window. Every single case.

You have to keep a barrier between you and the bad guy. Lock your doors and windows. All the time. And that goes for your car doors too.

Before you start talking about all the techniques and products you need to defeat an attack, start thinking about how to prevent an attack. Awareness. Barriers. Preparedness. Knowledge.

Remember, it’s always easier to stay out of trouble than get out of trouble.


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