Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Daily Mind Conditioning

"Believing that you can wait until a dangerous situation presents itself to adjust your mind to survival awareness is a pipe dream. Under stress the mind and body performs the way it has been trained. If you played football through your school years and had a week of hand to hand combat or self defense training, when attacked you will tackle the person instead of utilizing a strike learned in your week of training. The mind must be trained and conditioned as a daily habit to develop true survival awareness.

"If you are a special operations operator or an individual who wants to learn how to better protect yourself you must develop a strategy to prepare your body and mind for any eventuality. We have all heard the adage: “Expect the unexpected”. That sounds great, but, if you do not take steps to truly prepare that phrase may end up as a portion of your epitaph.

"If we all could spend the rest of our lives training for every contingency the performance problem we are examining would be easily solved. The reality is that most of us are unable to spend 50 and 60 hours a week training just for contingencies. This problem can be solved by utilizing visualization. God has created the mind in a unique way with an active imagination. We as people think in images. If someone mentions the word car you have an image of a car that appears in your mind. You do not see the letters C A R you see a picture of a car. What
we picture in our mind is believed to be real to our subconscious.

"With visualization we can gain experience that trains the mind in avenues of reaction without actually physically engaging in the act. To the subconscious the way you reacted to a man lunging at you with a knife, in your mind, actually happened. As you visualize the attack and the positive reaction you are providing a safe opportunity to formulate an effective plan of response. If a similar attack actually happens the conscious mind does not have to examine multiple options of response, because a plan has already been formulated. Thus the spatial correspondence provides a quick reaction that could make the difference between life and death."

Jeff Lee


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