Thursday, March 16, 2006

Carlie Brucia's Killer Sentenced to Death

Joseph P. Smith, the 39-year-old former mechanic who raped and killed 11-year-old Carlie Brucie in 2004, has been sentenced to death.

Carlie's stepfather, Steven Kansler, said, "I just feel that Carlie has been heard."

The photo of Carlie's abduction, caught on a carwash security camera, never fails to rock people who see it -- knowing that they are looking at a young girl's last moments of life.

I've had plenty of people comment that it appears that Carlie just doesn't know what to do and is basically just willingly going to her torture and death.

It does seem that way in that one snapshot. We don't know what she did later...did she scream, did she fight, did she beg for mercy?

Unfortunately, in a stressful situation, it's difficult to just spontaneously come up with the correct solution. You need to either have thought out a possible solution or -- better yet -- receive training on what to do.

You will fall back on your training during any life-or-death situation. So make sure you and your daughters get rape prevention training. Now. Before it's too late.


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