Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Transportation Safety Tips When Traveling

  1. Avoid looking like a tourist as much as possible;
  2. Don't rent cars that brand you as a visitor. Ask that all rental identification marks be removed;
  3. Ask for a rental car with air-conditioning so you can keep the windows up while driving;
  4. Avoid sleeping at bus or train stations. Don't accept food or drink from strangers in these places since travelers have been drugged and robbed in this way;
  5. Don't get into unmarked or unlicensed taxis,
  6. Lock your compartment while on the train;
  7. Watch all your luggage and valuables, don't let unofficial porters transport your luggage;
  8. Move with a purpose, stay aware of people who might be watching you or following your movements;
  9. If you are lost, duck into a restaurant, store or hotel for directions. Avoid map reading and other signs of confusion while on the street;
  10. Know important phrases in the local language -- asking if someone speaks your language, asking for help, asking for the police, asking for a doctor;
  11. Avoid unsolicited and unofficial tour guides;
  12. Do not discuss personal information or travel arrangements with strangers;
  13. Avoid taking short cuts, poorly lit side streets or narrow alleys;
  14. Beware of pickpockets on the streets around popular tourism attractions and transportation centers;
  15. Avoid traveling alone at night.


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