Friday, February 23, 2007

70-year-old uses choke to kill robber

Details are sketchy at this point, but it appears that a 70-year-old ex-Marine was a main force in foiling a robbery of American tourists in Costa Rica Feb. 21 by killing one of the robbers. And it appears he did it with some sort of choke hold.

According to the Associated Press, three men in Limon, Costa Rica, attempted to rob a bus containing 12 elderly American tourists. The three bandits were armed with at least one handgun and at least one knife.

Another source says the robbers boarded the bus full of senior citizens on an outing from a Carnival Cruise line ship. When one of the robbers put a handgun to the driver's head, the former Marine took action.

The AP said, "Police in Limon say he put a 20-year-old in a head lock and broke his clavicle..."

His action apparently galvanized the other senior citizens to fight back, disarming and injuring the other two robbers.

The AP said, "Afterward, the tourists drove the suspect to the Red Cross, where he was declared dead, apparently of asphyxiation. "

Main lessons coming out of this successful story of self-defense:

  1. Fight deadly force with deadly force. They've got a gun and a knife -- they are prepared to use deadly force against you. This is not a fight. This is combat. You must use deadly force to prevail.
  2. Have courage! This is a 70-year-old vs. a 20-year-old. You are never too old, too weak, too scared, too out-of-shape, too young, etc. to be able to defend yourself. Strengthen your will to survive and prevail against all adversaries.
  3. Learn the fundamental techniques well. I doubt if this guy has practiced any of his hand-to-hand techniques since Eisenhower was president, but the basic, fundamental rear naked choke (I'm assuming here) is something that works and is simple enough to retain for long periods of time.
  4. Be committed. Once you make the decision to counterattack, be decisive, swift and violent in your actions.
  5. Rest easy that you did the right thing by defending yourself and made the world safer for those who follow you.



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