Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Here's Why You Need a Holster

Robber Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself

(AP) OAKLAND, Calif. A suspected robber died after accidentally shooting himself in the leg while he and another man held up a Pinole liquor store. Police found the body of Sharffe Williams on a West Oakland street a few minutes after the holdup Saturday morning. Security cameras recorded footage of Williams shooting himself at the liquor store counter while returning a gun to his waistband. Officers found a trail of blood and recovered a handgun dropped at the scene.

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If you've visited Defend University for a while, you know that I contend that only the bad guys carry handguns without holsters (with one exception of a gun I took off a criminal).

The above article is a graphic example. Additionally, meetings I've had with emergency room physicians validate this as well. I've been told that it's not uncommon for the docs to treat self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the groin in gangsters who have shot themselves while pushing a handgun into their waistbands.

If you are going to responsibly carry a handgun, carry it in a holster or some other type of carrier that is designed specifically for your handgun. First and foremost, the holster keeps the handgun secure and safe. Modern holsters cover the trigger guard for safety and the newer Kydex ones are now very inexpensive and maintenance free as compared to quality leather holsters. Secondly, your holster or carrier keeps your handgun in the same place everytime to facilitate a quick and consistent draw.

I know some people (and certain gun writers) advocate carrying a handgun in a pocket. Some women I know carry theirs in a purse. Be smart -- put those handguns in a holster or scabbard.


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