Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fear Driving Gun and Ammo Sales?

The earlier post on the surge of gun and ammunition sales came from a story covered by the Wall Street Journal which indicated that some purchases see the increase in prices as sort of an "investment" that could possibly bring a return better than they can get at the local bank with your typical Certificate of Deposit.

That might be true in the upper stratosphere of income earners that are the WSJ readers, but my own experience tends to indicate there is a level of fear among Americans that I have not seen in many, many years.

I've never had more people ask me how to buy a firearm, which is the "best" firearm to buy and if I could recommend where to buy one. Frankly, I've been somewhat surprised by some requests because they have come from people who previously had no interested in firearms or were even opposed to owning one.

These are not people who are looking for a return on their investment. These are people who are reacting to some very strong fears:

  1. The fear of the Obama administration's probable move to enact draconion gun control laws;
  2. The fear of rising street crime;
  3. The fear of economic and social collapse.

Obviously, there is a LOT of hording going on. It will be interesing to see if and when the panic buying subsides.

However, having said that, are you in a position now to be able to provide security for your self and loved ones if any of the above scenarios unfolds?

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