Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Murder Highlights Another Example of Parking Lot Rage

A near miss in a parking lot.

Heated words are exchanged.

And a demented, medicated, angry motorist decides to "do something about it."

The result? A father tending to his 10-month-old daughter in her car seat is shot dead by a road rager in front of dozens of witnesses.

What is it about cars and parking lots that seem to set so many people off? (For other examples, go to the Nov. 2004 Defend University Newsletter story "Cars, Rage and Weapons")

Some items from that newsletter to remember to protect yourself:

1. Cars seem to make people stupid. Road rage, parking lot rage, aggressive driving... why is it when vehicles are involved, people (and I've seen plenty of women who are in this category as well) get all hostile and puffed up?

2. Don't take anyone -- anyone -- for granted. Don't underestimate someone's ability or desire to hurt you because of their looks, age, or gender. In the above example, the attacker was 60 years old. They are upset, they are off their medication, they are out of control and they are transferring their rage at their ex (their boss, their mother, etc.) towards you.

3. Car = weapon. When someone is in or around a car the situation should automatically flash a red light to you. People carry weapons in their cars. The cops in El Paso surmise that one of every three cars on the road in that city has a handgun in it. People keep things in their cars like baseball bats, tire irons, screwdrivers, and steering wheel locks... Heck, the car itself is a weapon that can exert tons of force.

If you find yourself in a similar situation:

1. Be on guard for retaliation from the other motorist;
2. Prepare to defend yourself and your family;
3. Try to vacate the area as soon as possible.


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