Thursday, September 01, 2005


Looting. Shooting. Armed mobs taking over hospitals, people dying in refugee shelters.

No, you're not looking at some Third World country -- we are talking about New Orleans here.

Reuters is reporting that gunshots are repeatedly heard and fires flaring as "looters broke into stores, houses, hospitals and office buildings -- some in search of food, others looking for anything of value. Two hospitals were under siege by robbers who used axes, guns and metal pipes to steal pain killers and medicine, according to a pilot flying relief operations into New Orleans."
National Guard personnel, volunteers in rescue boats, medical helicopters -- sent to help victims and restore services to the city -- have been shot at!

New Orleans, U.S.A. Can you believe it?

I'm hanging my head in shame that Americans are acting this way.

Now, there IS a heroic movement of military, police and human health services moving towards New Orleans. My own agency is mobilizing officers and search and rescue and medical specialists to convoy to the area late tonight or early tomorrow.

However, burn the memory of the survivors' reactions into your self-defense sense. We've said before that the police are NOT responsible for your safety. Indeed neither the city in which you live nor the Federal Government can be counted on for your safety and well-being.

Deperate people act in desperate ways. And, apparently, humans in most societies around the world feel justified in shooting, looting, stealing, robbing and plundering when thrown into chaotic conditions where there is no law and order.

Are you prepared to protect yourself and your family? If you are expecting the "government" to do it, you are going to be in for a shock when a crisis hits your hometown.


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