Monday, February 26, 2007

Kidnapping for ransom hitting average Americans

When you work protection internationally, you are constantly aware of the threat of kidnapping for ransom.

Now it seems there are more and more examples of that same threat coming to American shores -- and affecting average Americans.

The latest is the case of 13-year-old Clay Moore. Last Friday morning, about a dozen children at a school bus stop southeast of St. Petersburg, Florida, were horrified to watch a man force Moore into a red pickup truck at gunpoint.

A suspect believed to be Vicente Ignacio Beltran Moreno, 22, drove Moore to a wooded area about 20 miles away and bound him to a tree. It's believed Moreno planned to keep Moore tied to the tree until a ransom was paid.

Happily, Moore managed to free himself and contact a farm worker with a cell phone. Police are searching for Moreno still.

To many immigrants and foreign criminals, the average American is "rich". And, since kidnapping works well in these criminals' home country, the thought pattern appears to involve grabbing an easy target and negotiate a handsome pay day. We've seen other kidnapping schemes involving average people -- like a housewife in Seattle out walking her dog -- here in the states.

Not that this information should cause you to change your self-defense mindset -- you are already prepared for bad guys out there. Right?



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