Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Life without the Sheepdogs

From the blog of Bob Parsons, the colorful founder and president of the hot Internet company Go Daddy:
“Some say it would only take one generation.

"I’ve often read that there is a very special group of Americans. Without these individuals, it has been said that our entire way of life would disappear within one generation.

”Who are these special people? They are those individuals that when danger presents itself, in the form of gun fire, burning buildings, threats of violence, and other disgusting and complicated situations, who instead of running away and protecting themselves -- do just the opposite. These people run toward the problem, place themselves in harm’s way and handle the situation. They are most appropriately called warriors. They could be members of the military, law enforcement, emergency services, etc. The list of these callings goes on and on.

”I think it would take less than a year.

"I personally disagree with the opening statement. I don’t think that, without warriors, our way of life would disappear within one generation. It would be much sooner than that. In fact, our way of life would be gone within a few months, certainly within one year. You see, I know something about this. I know it from first-hand experience.”

Check out the entire entry for his personal experience with the collapse of law and order in an American city, his decision on using deadly force to defend his home, Grossman’s Universal Human Phobia, and a great video presentation of the 1st Marines in Falluja.


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