Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Wheelchair Bound Man Hijacks Airplane

The next time you are tempted to berate the TSA officers who are searching a wheelchair-bound passenger, remember the following story.

A father and son managed to smuggle two grenades aboard an airliner in Florencia, Colombia yesterday and then hijack the plane.
The father is confined to a wheelchair and he successfully circumvented the airport's metal detector because the chair was too big to fit through. Security agents did a visual inspection of the man and his chair, but did no pat down search. Hence he was able to smuggle two hand grenades onboard. Hand grenades!

Luckily for all aboard, the situation was peacefully resolved five hours later after the plane landed in Bogota. Apparently, the motive for the hijacking was to make a statement about not receiving government compensation for an injury.

Previous Defend University newsletters have posted items regarding the airport searches of different types of passengers as well as the zero-tolerance of toy weapons.

This situation is another reminder of why security procedures need to be strictly followed. Quit whining about them when you're at the airport. They are for all of our safety.


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